Thursday, April 19, 2018

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  1. Syed Tanvir Asan

    I am proud to be a Bangladeshi

    All most all of us are aware the facts that any time a big disaster can take place again in Bangladesh specially at Dhaka, but the research done by Comprehensive Disaster Management (CDMP) is really alarming. Being a Bangladeshi I can’t stop my pen though I am not a columnist. We all have some responsibilities to come forward. I would like to draw kind attention on the followings.

    1) As per (CDMP) report any day, any time we may face another digester. The report also mentions very clearly that “If the government doesn’t take immediate preventative measures, Dhaka may turn into a death valley”. These 11,500 buildings are liable to collapse anytime due to overload, earthquake or poor land quality. Who is going to take responsibility if anything happen? Is the Government, the opposition parties or the building owner? Someone have to take the responsibility. We just can’t allow innocent people to die all the time. What we all know it is always the Government has to come forward and take responsibility for it.

    2) My personal opinion may be neglected today, but being a Bangladeshi I would like to know are we all waiting to witness the next building that would collapse? Just like when Rana Plaza collapsed and we saw on Press and electronic media how the government and our opposition parties were trying to blame each other, are we waiting for another such debate to follow after another disaster at any time?

    3) We are aware and understand that government have some limitations, but despite of that government have to take immediate steps to save people’s lives before any other big disaster takes place again.

    a) I strongly believe that Government should vacate all those building without any further delay to save people’s lives.

    b) Government may seek help from CDMP to split 6500 buildings into few phases and highlight on priority bases which building should be rebuilt or pull down old buildings immediately. One more important thing should be consider that no political influence should be allowed while making these decisions, neither from the Government side nor from opposition parties.

    c) Government may invite architectural experts to make sure whether they should rebuild ageing buildings or houses or they should pull down all highlighted buildings. Some of the old buildings may be too dangerous to reuse or may be worthless to rebuild.

    4) Funding source

    a) Those land owners who are unable to rebuild their buildings may handover their lands to the government or any authorize builders or press and electronic media may come forward to help them to find right builders. Again no political figure should be allowed to intervene.

    b) Since government have also 5000 abandoned buildings which may also collapse any time as per report, they can generate their own fund to rebuild or may seek help from donors or outside help to help Government to modernize/ re-build all.

    We, those who live in aboard, always feel for our motherland Bangladesh and we are also very much concerned for our near and dear ones. We really experience pain when we see our innocent people are dying such horrific death. May Almighty Allah help all of us to build a strong nation. I am proud to be a Bangladeshi, but I feel shame when we see stupid things are happening around and jobs are neglected by concerned authorities.

    Syed Tanvir Asan


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