Tuesday, March 20, 2018


  1. Mohammad A Shahid

    It is a very good news that government has taken decision to upgrade the primary schools head teachers status from 3rd class to 2nd class as well as assistant teachers salary to the 12th grade of the scale.If this decision be implemented,it will be one of the best notable work of the present government in the history of primary education.

  2. Arif Ahmed

    Very good decision taken by the government.

  3. Md. M Islam

    Good decision present government but salary is very poor in this present situation because everything prize is high so salary increase …….it good for everyone

  4. Tapash Chakraborty ( Head Teacher, Fatickchari )

    Our beloved govt. has taken a good decision for primary Teachers.Salary is not main factor. Social status is greater than money. Specially thanks our honourable prime minister.( Tapash Chakrabory,Fatickchari )


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