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  • November 27th, 2015
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Hanif: BNP wants caretaker instead of election


hanifIttefaq Report

Joint General Secretary of Awami League Mahbubul Alam Hanif said, “Various discussions are ongoing on the upcoming National Election. Instead of demanding a fair election, BNP are demanding Caretaker Government.” He said these words while attending a discussion meeting organized by Bangabandhu Cultural Committee to recall the memory of late President Zillur Rahman in Bangladesh Shilpokala Academy.

He urged the opposition party to go through a dialogue regarding the specified points of the election. He also said, “National election of Malaysia is going to be held on May 5. Observe their procedure and then come up with a dialogue to discuss about the errors and problems in the election system of our country.”

He also added, “None of the last three elections under caretaker government was fair and free in our country. Our upcoming election will be held under Election Commission like all other democratic countries of the world.” He also said, “People will lose respect for you if you do not change your mentality.”

He also said, “BNP did not criticize the incident of Bhujpur rather they congratulated the attackers. I dislike such mentality.”

Addressing Hefazat e Islam, he said, “Confine yourselves in religious matter. Don’t get trapped in those traps set by Jamaat, Shibir or war criminals.”He also said, “Your reaction on the issue of releasing an acting editor of a national newspaper is expressing your weakness.”

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