• August 1st, 2015
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India, Bangladesh swap land: 111 enclaves become part of Bangladesh

At midnight Friday 111 Indian plots in Bangladesh and 51 Bangladesh parcels in India—hoisted new national flags. More


Bangladeshi flag hoisted in Panchagargh enclave

The national flag was hoisted in Forkania Madrassa playground at 6 am. More


Enclaves swapped in landmark India-Bangladesh border deal

For six decades enclave residents have been treated as in effect stateless, but the agreement between India and Bangladesh means they will now finally gain a proper identity. More


Heartbreak as Bangladesh-India land swap splits families

But it will also rip apart families like Ms Barman's, leaving some stranded on one side of the border, while relatives relocate to the other. More


President, PM greets enclave people

The exchange of enclaves is an historic moment for the two countries which has been resolved after 68 years. More


Bandarban landslide kills 5

The residents of the house were all sleeping when incident took place at hospital area under the upazila around 2am Saturday. More


Rainfall to continue till Saturday: Met office

The Met office has asked fishing boats in the northern Bay to stay close to the coast until next instruction. More